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No 772 Steinbach Smoker Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes

A wide and deep knowledge, shrewdness and powers of deduction are all requirements for a master detective in the criminal fiction of our time. In England, the most famous sleuth of all times, Sherlock Holmes, was created by Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle. 

Donning his deerstalker, pipe in hand, Holmes threw on his cape and went forth into the fog-laden night in search of clues. The cobblestone streets were lit only by the glow of gaslight. Watchful eyes peered from the shadows. A horse drawn carriage with wheels creaking passed by slowly. Suddenly there was movement in the darkalley. The villain was surprised as the handcuffs snapped closed about his wrists. Later, louning in his club chair, relaxed, wearing his smoking jacket and slippers, Holmes would relate to his dear friend and companion, the good doctor, how he had pieced togetherthe puzzle of the villainous deed by deductive reasoning. With a twinkle in his eye, he would explain, “But, it was elementary, my dear Watson.” Even today, in the dark of the night a shrill scream piercing the air will bring Sherlock Holmes to the scene of the crime. When all others are baffled, Holmes will raise his right eyebrow and nod his head. He knows.



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