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No 776 Steinbach Smoker Ski Sportsman


Hello, I am the Skier. 50 years ago we kids and grown ups from the Erzgebirge were still using staves for ski-ing. And in fact the hobby of ski-ing as practiced by millions if enthusiastic skiers isnít much older. Itís true, however, that the oldest ski ever to be found dates back around 5000 years. This was in Norway. 

There has been a remarkably swift development from our simple amateurish leather strap bindings to kandahar to the alpine safety bindings of today. Ski-ing has become a fashionable sport and thereís something new every year. I for my part can still get around everywhere I want on my woods. Two boards and fine snow - oh yes thatís my idea of bliss! The Smokingman says: ďhail oh skiĒ and will see to it that you get back safely. 

He wishes you a lot of fun!


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