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No 778 Steinbach Smoker Santa Claus

Santa Claus

A Christmas Show of authentic Folkart from the Erzgebirge in Schwarzen berg in the silver Erzgebirge is being held from November 28th, 1937 to January 9th,1938. 

Is there anyone today who can still read the old placard-inscription written in the handwritten script of our fathers and grandfathers? It is the old German writing style — “German Script”. 

It is now almost 60 years ago since the grand patron of our mountainfolkart, the Honorary Dr. F Emil Krauss, freed up the factory workshop halls to make room for the Santa Claus from the Erzgebirge. Here, Santa had a singularly suitable home. The large carousel organ played beautiful Christmas melodies and the exquisite Meissner porcelain bells rang out their joyous tunes. They were, after all, quite at home, since they were produced right there in the Krauss factory. There, Santa found everything that the craftsmen of the Erzgebirge had ever created for this edification and honor. 

The creator of this exhibition had suffered together with my father as a prisoner of war in Russian captivity. With every Santa (that we create), we honor their memory. *) Feierohmd (Saxon dialect word written in script for the high German word “Feierabend”) meaning ‘closing time’. This was the placard inscription above the factory indicating that it would be closed to production while the Christmas Market was being held there.



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