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No 779 Steinbach Smoker Snowman


At our place up in the mountains where our Workshop Ills located, it snows a lot more often than in the flatlands (Workshop I). We always look forward to the first snowfall, but, more often than not, we are also quite happy, when the snow goes away again. At first, the snow is still “sticky” and wet. This is the time, to build a really great snowman. From a tiny ball we roll up a huge, fat round ball — the bigger, the better. Then we find a proper spot, where we place this large ball. After that, we roll up the second and third balls. This of course already requires more energy. On top now comes the head, for which we need to employ the services and height of long, tall Bertram Seidel, who also puts the hat on the snowman. Then black coals for his eyes and mouth, a carrot for his nose, and beautiful buttons of coal to decorate his fat belly. Our snowman is almost finished. 

Now all we need to do is sneak a broom from Mrs. Hahn, and his Excellency Mr. Snowman, will stand guard until the Spring sun melts him away.


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