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No 781 Steinbach Smoker The Fisherman

The Fisherman 

Since the very dawn of civilization, man has had an instinctive leaning to the sports of hunting and fishing. Whereas they were initially pursued by the individual fisherman or hunter to provide for food and nourishment for his own immediate tribe, these endeavors today are both part of the universal concern to feed and nurture all of humanity.

Sport-Fishermen have to insure that countless fish are spawned to provide for the successful breeding of prized eating fish. And fishermen after all, are the best guardians of clean, pollution-free waters. Only in clean, fresh waters are the best eating-fish to be found. 

The German fisherman’s good luck greeting is “Petri Heil” or “Hail Peter” (in honor of St. Peter, the patron saint of fishermen). “Peter’s disciples”, i.e., those that pursue the fisherman’s avocation, have a reputation for not being very precise. In their “fish-stories”, the smallest fish somehow has a tendency to grow bigger and bigger. Some of the fish, according to rumor, have even arrived home with the price-tag from the fish store still attached. Over at our friend Dulsmann’s however, there are real brook trout. Now there’s a guy who has the right idea!


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