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No 786 Steinbach Smoker Cloth Peddler


Long gone of course are the times, when the cloth-peddlers with their baskets on their back, hiked down to the fair in Leipzig. They had really beautiful, home-woven materials, which were mostly produced by the weavers from the Lausitz region. Today however, there are wonderfully automated machines for producing these fine materials. 

If you ever happen to get to Hong Kong, you will be more than a little bit surprised. There, the cloth-peddlers still run after the tourists with the most elegant cloths for making suits and try to sell the material right there on the spot anyway that they can. Naturally, a tailor is right there as well. With persistent reassurances, he promises to make a finished suit from the materials and deliver it the very next morning. 

Yes, surprise! surprise! the new suit is really hanging on the hotel door the next morning and sooo inexpensive. It is of course a matter of chance, whether such a suit will fit properly or not. But our cloth-peddler promises you a perfect fit!


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