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No 789 Steinbach Smoker Fairy Tale King

Fairy Tale King 

Everyone has heard of the fairy tales by the brothers Grimm. They were indeed responsible for having compiled and recorded these fairy tales from the various parts of the German-speaking region for posterity. They are in fact pictured on the 1,000 Mark bill. Their stories are usually embellished with imaginative, fanciful deeds. Children and grown-ups alike love to hear them because fairy tales seem like magical miracle stories, where the rules governing the laws of nature are suspended. 

Many of our German fairy tales have traveled all around the world and have often been incorporated into other stories. There is almost always a king, a princess, a prince, a good and an evil spirit contained in these multifaceted tales. The longing for a fanciful, magical kingdom of incredible treasures is portrayed like a mystical dream world, that appears to be removed from all cares and worries. Our fairy tale king will fulfill your longing for this magical kingdom of unimaginable wealth and good fortune. Away with all your cares and worries! A joyful “Good Luck” for your future life!


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