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No 791 Steinbach Smoker Root Rudi


Among the homeopathic remedies that you usually find nowadays in the pharmacy, there’s always an entire assortment of plant essences and extracts. It seems that modern medicine is only now following the practices of our “Root-Rudi” or of the “herbal ladies”, who were always quite knowledgeable about the curative powers of nature. While the herbal ladies were the authority on the curative herbs and plants that grew above the ground, “Root-Rudi” knew everything about the miracle powers of roots and all else that grew under the ground. 

A person such as he, is always concerned about your well-being. Roots, the barks of certain trees and their essences keep you healthy and fit. Our grandmothers often had a good understanding of this, but unfortunately it’s a knowledge, which our fast-paced world of today has lost. But now it’s part of the pharmacy business. In order that you won’t have to run there our friendly little “Root-Rudi” will take good care of you.


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