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No 792 Steinbach Smoker Bavarian Beerdrinker

Bavarian Beerdrinker 

A real Bavarian values his draft beer and his “Weisswurst” (sausage made of veal). The folkloric costumes famous throughout the world are at home here in Bavaria. Bavaria is the largest state in Germany in area. Several Germanic peoples live here together. Right next to Upper- and Lower-Bavaria are the Upper-Palatinate Franconians, the Bavarian Vogtlanders and the Bavarian Swabians. Bavaria is without doubt the largest tourist region of Germany. Many Americans and even Japanese know Munich, the beautiful lakes in Upper-Bavaria and the majestic castles of King Ludwig II. (a folkloric member of the Witteisbach dynasty who reigned from 1864 to 1886). (Neuschwanstein Linderhof Herrenchiemsee WaIhalla  Bayreuth are some of the best known places of interest associated with King Ludwig II.). 

If you come to Bavaria at the right time, you’ll get to experience the raising of the “May-Tree”, and if you arrive in autumn, you’ll enjoy the three-week long Oktoberfest on “the meadows”. “Cheers!” — and make sure you keep up with the Bavarians hoisting the 1-liter beermug full of the best and purest non-pasteurized beer. And don’t miss out on the delicious “Weisswurst”.


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